Useful Resources

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

Bringing up-to-date employment statistics and advice, a valuable resource for the Australian workforce!  The ABS is full of trusted, official statistics such as population, environmental and economic matters that are not only useful but every Australian has a right and should know.

International Labour Organization (ILO)–en/index.htm

Incorporating information from 187 member States, which includes Australia, the ILO is a source of worldwide labour statistics, standards and rights at work.

With its unique tripartite structure and equal voice is given to governments, employers and employees.

Promoting decent opportunities for employment, views of social partners are reflected in the shaping of policies, programs and standards.

The Resume Centre

The Resume Centre offers overall advice on creating resume’s, interviews, setting up your online portfolio presence utilizing the power of various social media platforms to promote your profile.

Not only does this website provide a host of valuable information and advice to its readers but also offers resume services that cater to a wide range of employment scenarios and are well worth the look for anyone thinking of or actively seeking employment.

The information on this site is not only centered at the job seeker but has a lot of useful tips for employers too.