Popular Job Opportunities In The Building Industry

Building plans

What kind of job opportunities are there in the building industry? If you are looking to land a job within this growing and popular industry, then you’re in luck. There are many job opportunities and below are only a few of them. After you read this article, you can decide whether or not to pursue jobs in the building industry.

Trade Workers

The most common and popular job opportunities in the building industry include trade jobs, such as bricklaying and stone-masonry. If you become a bricklayer, then you will be doing exactly what the job title says, lay bricks. If you’re a stone mason, then you’ll work with stones to create buildings and so forth.

Carpenters can build new homes, while floor workers can installed a range of flooring options. There’s also plumbers and electricians. These are only a few of the many trade jobs in the building industry. Trade workers can earn good money and entry level work is usually available.

Site Managers

Site managers work in a management role at a construction site or they manage several construction sites at the same time. Managers have to make sure that workers are on track to finishing their jobs. They also ensure that building work is finished within the timeline set in place for the project.

Not only do site managers do the above, but they have to work within a budget and they need to ensure they do not go over the budget. As for how many workers they manage, this depends on many factors. Some site managers only manage a small team of workers, while others manage very large teams working on many projects.

Building Surveyors

These professionals provide advice in regards to property and construction. The advice they provide is technical. They can hold jobs in both the commercial and residential construction sectors.

Building surveyors have many roles, but the bulk of their work involves surveying a building and then reporting on its condition. For example, if they find damp in a building, then they will include this in their report. They will also include an estimate on how much it would cost to remove the damp.


Architects design buildings, both the interior and exteriors of buildings. They can design the structure of the entire building. In order to become an architect, one has to undergo extensive training but this can be very rewarding, especially if you work for a luxury home builder.

Building Service Engineers

These professionals inspects buildings to make sure a property has more than just a roof and a few walls. They inspect buildings to ensure that their components are working, and this includes its powers, cooling, heating and water systems to name a few. These professionals are sometimes called electrical engineers or mechanical engineers.

Bear in mind that the above are only a few examples of the types of job opportunities in the building industry. Feel free to do your own research on what other jobs are available and what kind of qualifications you need in order to land those jobs. Good luck if you decide to start a career in the building industry.