5 Ways to be happy at work from a scientific perspective!

In the 2017 World Happiness Report (yes it is actually a thing), it was found that Norway had the highest percentage of happy citizens.

Here are 5 ways to a happier working environment scientifically speaking that is:

1. Happiness starts at home – first off you need a good base upon with to build a more solid one. So if you are not happy at home or in your personal life you are not likely to be happy at work or anywhere else for that matter.  So start by sorting out your personal life and way to improve on this first.

2. It is good to be in a job where you feel you fit into the environment and are able to get along with the other employees and or employers. You spend most of your waking day there so it is important to want to be there and enjoy not only the environment but the people in it.

3. Liking your environment and co-workers should not just stop there, even if you are not the sociable type make the effort to socialize with your colleagues it bodes well for various team building and project related work not to mention it is good for a person to socialize even if it is just now and again.

4. Try new thing both in your personal and work life, in your personal life it opens you up more and pushed your limits and boundaries. This is good for keeping relationships from going stale and gives a person new limits and goals.  The same goes for your work – if you can accept those projects you may think are daunting or out of your reach, at least give it a try.  It is not only good for your portfolio but it also shows foresight, willingness and a desire to learn, achieve and grow.

5. Showing drive and ambition goes a long way to promotions and pay rises. If you are not coming right in your new job seek one that you can do, want to do and is in a better pay bracket.