In the economy anywhere in the world today we see the job market go back and forth like a game of ping-pong.  We cling to our jobs as they are our life-line, our source of income that feeds our family, pays the bills and allows for any of the little extra’s we may be able to afford on top of that.

CDEP is committed to bringing up to date information on the current trends and news related to employment for both employers and employees.  We look at the current economic climate and how it affects the job market, the current most sort-after positions and a way to advance careers through various training institutes, how to write your resume and advice on the interviews/interviewing process.

Our library of resources is there for the job seeker and the employer to help bring the best advice and information to our readers.

With weekly blogs articles that are designed to inform, empower and entertain, written for even those not actively looking or just for those wanting to keep informed on the latest job situation.

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