Entry-Level Jobs for Backpackers

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Spending time in a new city is all about finding ways to enjoy the experience and keep cash in hand.

To do this the right way, you will need to start searching for top-tier entry level jobs and here are the best ones.

Temporary Administration

This is a unique proposition for those hoping to find a new job. If you have spent time as an administrator in the past or worked in a similar department, this might be one of the higher paying gigs that are out there. It’s all about looking at the options, picking the ones that are good for your skillset, and then applying. This is how you will end up with a new job that is meaningful. Temporary administrative work can be loads of fun and isn’t going to bog you down in one place.


Do you have the ability to teach students a bit of math? What about a bit of science? There is a need for educators in all cities and you will be more than able to help out as long as you have the right skillset. For those who have done tutoring in the past, you should be able to find students as soon as you want. Put up a few ads and/or join local agencies that are going to give you a job to help out at their location. You will also learn a lot by doing this because of the local education setup.

Call Centre

For those who have the ability to sell items and do it over the phone or offer customer support, it’s best to head over to a local call centre. The turnover rate is high at these locations so they will always have a few spots open for your needs. Look at these options and pick out the one that is going to do it for you.

Traffic Control

As you start to look at the different jobs and what they have to offer, you will hear a lot about traffic control. There is value in this job because of the demand. Companies are on the lookout for talent when it comes to traffic control and it’s not hard to get a job in this area. With so many construction sites around town, there is a need for someone to manage traffic around the site. If not, the traffic can get clogged up and that is a legal concern based on the current regulations. Instead, they will want to find someone like you to do the job for them. Look for these opportunities because they are available.

Don’t be afraid to apply to more than one of these entry level jobs. The goal should be to pursue with vigour and make sure you are exhausting all opportunities throughout the process. This is the only way you will end up with a job that pays well and is going to make sure you don’t have an empty wallet in your hands. Backpacking is all about finding ways to make the most of your resources and these jobs will help out a lot. You should look to one of them as soon as possible.