6 Top Jobs in IT to Consider

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Of course, many IT professions have enjoyed a good demand for decades. As people and companies rely upon computers more often, the demand for certain IT professionals has increased quite a bit in recent years. In fact, the overall IT sector is growing faster than almost any other industry for job demand.

What Are The Hottest IT Jobs?

These are some of the very hottest IT jobs:

Data Scientists

Data scientist earned top marks on the Glass Door employment survey. This ranking is based upon salary surveys, the number of open jobs, and the way data scientists feel about their work. Companies now have massive sets of data that need to get analyzed, so people with the right skills and software training are hot.

User Experience Designers

These days, companies realize that the user experience of their software systems matters a lot. This is true if they are creating B2B or consumer software or websites. People who know how to design a great user experience, called a UX, are in high demand almost everywhere.

Salesforce Developers

Salesforce was one of the first SaaS applications to hit the market, and it’s success paved the way for many other applications. Meanwhile, Salesforce has continued to evolved, and this includes having other applications integrated with it or even being custom developed for it. People with the skills to build applications that can work with Salesforce should have an easy time getting a job.

Security Analysts

Along with more computer applications, expect to see the rising threat of digital criminals. These days, security experts know that these threats to computer systems and networks can come from both inside and outside the company. Digital crimes also cost companies lots of money in remediation, lost data, and bad press. This is why companies need experts who know how to use the most modern terms to help prevent cyber attacks and recognize them when they do occur.

AI Engineers and Developers

As technology gets more advanced, machines are also getting a lot smarter. The demand for educated or experienced AI developers is getting so hot that many colleges are having a hard time keeping their professors. That makes the demand for AI developers even more intense because getting into educational programs is so competitive. The biggest companies are competing with high salaries and lots of perks for smart people who know how to work with smart machines.

Full Stack Developers

IT departments are increasingly looking for people with multiple skill areas, so they can work in different areas or various phases of a project. While these specialists may only specialize in a couple of areas, they have a very good understanding of other types of software, operating systems, and hardware.

Other In-Demand IT Specialties

Almost every area of IT has enjoyed growth in the past decade. Some other examples of in-demand specialties include storage analysts, web developers, and IT solutions architects such as IT Management Associates. If you’re starting out or planning to improve your skill set, you might focus upon some of these in-demand fields.